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Windermere Oaks WSC News Update 03/25/2022

On Monday, the WOWSC updated members on the outcome of Saturday's election. Dorothy Taylor received 74 votes and Jeff Walker had 73 votes. Four ballots had been set aside as "Provisional" for our legal counsel to review and advise. 
Our non-profit water supply corporation is governed by Ch. 67 of the Texas Water Code that incorporates the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act (“TNPCA”) by reference. Under the TNPCA, “each member of a corporation, regardless of class, is entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the corporation's members, except to the extent that the voting rights of members of a class are limited, enlarged, or denied by the certificate of formation or bylaws of the corporation.” In other words, being a “member” to a water supply corporation is a prerequisite to voting in its elections. The WOWSC Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws state that a person is entitled to one vote in any Corporation election regardless of the number memberships the person owns (see Art. 7 of the Articles, and Art. 7.4 of the Bylaws).

Three of the four provisional ballots were submitted by non-members who were not on the registration roll. The fourth  ballot was determined to have been submitted by a member. That ballot was cast for Dorothy Taylor. 

The election has concluded. Dorothy Taylor received 75 votes to Jeff Walker's 73 votes. Taylor is the Place 5 Director for a two-year term concluding in 2024.