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Water System Update - 4:50 pm Thursday

40 Gallons Per minute That is the number of gallons which the water plant is storing right now.
The plant produces 70 gallons per minute. So that means about 30 gallons per minute is being sent to the system, for consumption by regular use or to leaks.
So at this time we are going to keep the system running overnight to all customers.
Pressure will be lower than normal so that we can maintain service and increase our storage.
Let's keep our fingers crossed that no major breaks occur overnight.
And since the electricity has been on since about 8 p.m. last night, our generator has earned a rest -- and we have not had to burn more propane there. That's good as well.
Our water manager George Burriss has done a fantastic job as has Enrique and Ben. Let's hope everything hangs on overnight.