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WOWSC Generator Test

Here's a video of the WOWSC new generator's first test on 2/25/2020.

WOWSC Boards have been planning for the time when the community would reach the threshold required to have a back up generator as per the requirements by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). After much research over the years, in July 2019, the Board approved the purchase of a propane generator, propane tank, and the installation. The WOWSC accepted delivery of the generator in December 2019 and began the installation process with the successful testing on February 25, 2020. This video captures the first test of the generator firing with a simulated power cut-off. The humming noise heard at the beginning of the video is the water pumps. The technician shuts off the power to the pumps and silence occurs. Once the power is disconnected, the generator starts automatically and operation of the plant resumes. The WOWSC is now in compliance with the TCEQ regulations.